Popcorn Fundraiser Information

Our annual Popcorn Fundraisers provide most of the funds for our Cub Scouts program. Popcorn sales begin in September and last through October.  Sales include door-to-door, friends and family, as well as show-and-sells at local businesses.

Below is more information about our Popcorn Fundraiser:

It’s popcorn time! Below is an overview of how you can participate in this year’s Pack 51 popcorn sales — our biggest (and only) fundraiser of the year that raises money to support campouts, service projects and other fun/enriching Pack activities. Last year Pack 51 sold $9,400. This year we have set our goal at $10,000.

There are a variety of incentives to keep your Scout motivated to keep on selling! Each scout will receive an information sheet detailing all of the prizes they can earn as they increase their sales. The den with the most participation will receive a special prize as well!  Details will be announced at the first pack meeting on September 20. Please see the information below for how to reach your popcorn fundraising goals this year. 

Selling Opportunities for Scouts:

Door-to-door Sales- Order forms are available for pickup now by contacting Sangeeta Schroeder (text message is preferable-630-746-9808, but email also works). 

NEW THIS YEAR: Your scout can “check-out” a popcorn kit to sell when going door to door! Each popcorn kit contains the following:

1 Chicago skyline tin

1 Cheese Lover’s Collection

2 Chocolate Caramel Crunch

2 Caramel Corn with nuts

2 18-pack Unbelievable Butter

2 White Cheddar Cheese

2 Caramel Corn

2 Popping Corn

The above amount of popcorn can fit into a kid’s wagon fairly easily to make it easier for your scout to go door-to-door with popcorn in hand!  If you run out of popcorn, you can always “check-out” another popcorn kit or just sell the old fashioned way by taking orders and delivering the popcorn at a later date!  To check out subsequent kits after the September 20th pack meeting, text Sangeeta to find a time that will work for pick-ups. 


  1. Any popcorn that is not sold must be returned NO LATER than the October 20th pack meeting.  
  2. Make sure your scout still completes the order forms even when giving the popcorn up front for 2 reasons:
    1. Your scout will need to show what he sold to select his prize on the prize sheet
    2. All accounting (money v returned popcorn) will need to add up and will be collected at the October 20th pack meeting.  The total cost of the kit is $280.  Any missing money from the kit is the responsibility of the scout/the scout’s family, so make sure to keep track of any popcorn that is checked out!

Sell online Set up an account at http://www.trails-end.com and you will need to enter the following information:

Council: Pathway to Adventure

District: Tall Grass

Unit: Pack 51

⦁  Show & Sells– Sign up to participate in a Show & Sell at various locations around town. This is a great way to increase your sales in a short amount of time. Please click on the link below to Sign up for a slot!

2019 Pack 51 Popcorn Show & Sells

2019 Pack 51 Popcorn Show & Sells

Let’s raise some cash for Pack 51! Popcorn sales will benefit Pack activities like camp outs and service project…

 Show & Sell Reminders:

1. Adult must be present during Show & Sells. 

2.  Payment accepted: Cash, check (payable to “Pack 51”), credit card (Visa, MasterCard and AMEX). Download the Square Point of Sale App. Directions for credit card processing and login will be provided at the Show & Sell sites.

Order Deadline:

All Door-to-door sales forms/payments and prize orders must be submitted by Sunday, Oct. 20 to Bridget DeMartino.  It is IMPORTANT to collect payment upfront.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, Sept. 3 -Sign up for Show & Sell dates

Friday, Sept. 20- Pickup Popcorn Sales form at Pack Meeting (if you have not already)

Sunday, Oct. 20- Show & Sell Order Tracking Forms, Payment, Returned Popcorn and Prize orders Due

Sunday, Nov. 1 – Door-to-door Sales Order Pickup (as needed)

Popcorn Team:

Bridget DeMartino

P: 920-251-1468 bridgetdemartino@gmail.com

Michele Grabenstein

P: 630-989-1146 michelegrabenstein@yahoo.com

Sangeeta Schroeder

P:630-746-9808  sschroeder2006@gmail.com